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News | Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jury Finds California Gun Owner Not Guilty in Federal Conspiracy Trial

A federal jury in Sacramento has found gun owner Ulysses S. Grant Early IV not guilty of conspiracy to make a false statement on a federal a firearm record known as an ATF Form 4473. The lengthy criminal trial, which lasted four weeks, successfully concluded for Early after more than two days of jury deliberations and two years of legal wrangling.

Concealed Carry Blackhawk® Displays Available at Tactical Gear Distributors®

Tactical Gear Distributors® (TGD) is pleased to offer a custom, space-saving Blackhawk® Display through the Tactical Zone® Program. This display was designed as a special retail presentation of Blackhawk products to help retailers increase turnover by offering the market leading brand of holsters.

Armed American Radio Introduces Country to "The Hickenlooper Blues"

Sunday's Armed American Radio national broadcast 10-26-2014,debuted the hit song "The Hickenlooper Blues". Written by David Codrea, Cyd Lantz and David Simpson, the accompanying video was produced and directed by Emmy Award winning producers and directors Peter Gould, Gary Theroux and Jennifer Larsen.

More Shotgun Mettle for USA Shooting at World Cup Finals

USA Shooting's shotgun program put the exclamation point on a year for the record books at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup Finals in Gabala, Azerbaijan. In total, eight athletes across all three shooting disciplines represented the team with all but one making their event final.

Comp-Tac Returns To Sponsor Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

Comp-Tac Victory Gear, a leading manufacturer of holsters for competition and concealed carry, has returned to join the growing list of major sponsors supporting the 2014 Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals.

BlackBore Sports, LLC Highlights the BlackBore HunterPro HV Shotgun Choke

BlackBore Sports highlights their BlackBore HunterPro HV shotgun choke as waterfowl season has hunters chasing the big birds are looking for that "edge" to bring down more high flyers.

Meprolight Announces the Purchase of New Noga Light's Operations

Meprolight strengthens its position in the area of night vision with the purchase of New Noga Light's Operations and Assets. The sales, marketing, and support for New Noga Light's line of products will continue to be implemented without interruption. The products will become part of Meprolight's portfolio and will be re-named.

Brownells Releases Tech Tip Videos on AR-15 Barrels

Brownells has released a three-part video series showing how to properly choose an AR-15 barrel based on the three criteria: caliber, twist rate and gas system length. Filmed in Brownells' own studio, the videos feature an expert Gun Tech and are scripted to present information accessible to novice AR-15 builders, but still useful to the most experienced gunsmith.

The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide Offers Practical Advice for 21st Century Survival

As the world changes, so do the emergency situations. The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, a new pocket-sized reference from Living Ready Books, addresses practical preparedness plans for potential 21st century survival situations, including everything from natural disasters and manmade accidents to public shootings and home burglaries.

This Week on Shooting USA - Precision Rifle Shooting at the Bushnell Brawl & Byron and the Aspirin

This week, check out the challenges competitors face when they step onto the ranges at Rifles Only in Texas to compete in the Bushnell Brawl. Then, Byron Ferguson shows us his most popular shots.

Brian Aitken: Three Years Later - This Week on Gun Talk® Radio

It's a detailed book from wrongfully-imprisoned Brian Aitken, a youth hunting program in Texas, a gridlocked senate in Iowa, exclusive guns, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® Radio.

Miculek Defends 3GN Lady Pro Series Title, Wins $25K from Samson Manufacturing

Lena Miculek went to Tulsa on a mission-to repeat as the 3GN Lady Pro Series Champion. Miculek defeated Dianna Liedorff two bouts to none to repeat as 3GN Lady Pro Series Champion.

Horner Wins 3GN Championship, $50K from Leupold Optics & NRA Sports

Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Horner did what no other shooter has been able to do since 3GN's debut in 2010-he became the first to win a second 3GN Championship. Horner defeated teammate Sgt. Matthew Sweeney two bouts to none to win the all-AMU final, taking home $50,000 from Leupold Optics and NRA Sports.

SIG SAUER® Congratulates Max Michel, Jr., on IPSC World Championship

SIG SAUER, Inc. sends a special congratulations to Max Michel, Jr., on his recent victory at the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Shoot Championship.

Sightmark® Unveils Premium First-Focal Plane 1-6x24 Riflescopes

The new Sightmark® Pinnacle™ First-Focal Plane 1-6x24 Riflescope Series delivers unparalleled optical superiority for every short- and long-range shooting application, offering crystal clear resolution from edge to edge, free from distortions at any magnification.

E-LANDER Magazine Couplers for Faster Reloads

If you want to attach two magazines together for more efficient and faster reloads, and if you want to keep additional rounds of ammunition accessible on your weapon at all times, you need a Magazine Coupler.

Constant All-Light Aiming Capabilities WIth Mepro M21 Sight

The Mepro M21 is the first reflex sight in the world designed expressly for close quarter combat. It provides constant, all-light aiming capability, without batteries.

Ruger to Report Q3 Earnings This Afternoon

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) will file its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q this afternoon (Wednesday, October 29, 2014) after the close of the stock market. Tomorrow, a 9 a.m. ET webcast will discuss those results for interested parties.

Taurus Congratulates Team USA For 2014 World Shoot XVII

Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. congratulates the USA Ladies Open Team for their top performance at the 2014 World Shoot XVII. Team members Athena Lee, Lisa Munson, Kaci Cochran and Taurus Team Captain, Jessie Duff combined their talents to take home the Gold.

Cleaning Airguns Just Got Easier Thanks To Bore-whips From Swab-its

Swab-its®, makers of the popular Bore-tips® and Gun-tips® firearms cleaning swabs, announces all new Bore-whips™, the lint-free and reusable foam swabs designed specifically for cleaning .17 air guns and firearms.

ProMag Industries/Archangel Manufacturing Adds Bilewitch

ProMag® Industries / Archangel Manufacturing announces Janelle Bilewitch as their new Director of Marketing. Janelle has worked in the outdoor industry for over 7 years for companies including Viridian Green Laser, Primos and Diamondback Firearms.


Flashbang Holsters

As we continue our War on Terrorism, and as homegrown terrorists and crimes abound, I find great solace in carrying concealed. I like the idea that I am not helpless when confronted by danger, but I am trained, armed, and ready to defend myself and others. But this leads to the question of, "How shall I carry concealed?"

I spent a great deal of time early this year researching purses for concealed carry. I found most of them to be flimsy and ugly, made with fake leather that would soon wear out and straps that were too thin for weight distribution. I loved Galco's Pandora purse and bought it within a day of seeing it. It has held up well. But as I load my gun, two extra magazines, handcuffs, knife, Leatherman, and other normal things in my purse, then tote it around daily, my shoulder has become irritable. What if I were to carry concealed in more than one place? Switch it up now and then? So my hunt for a concealed carry product began again.

There are many places to carry concealed, and many companies who make concealed carry products, but one company that stood out to me was Flashbang Holsters. When I walked the floor at the last SHOT Show, I saw a lot of products for males, for either gender, or for females, but they were sold and designed by men. Sure there may have been a stray woman in the booth, but she wasn't talking or making eye contact. And in keeping with that theme, the salesmen wanted to talk to my husband, because as a female, I was his appendage. Even if the salesmen at the booths that had products for females had wanted to talk to me, the fact remained that I did not want to talk to strange men about what I could potentially keep in my bra.

Flashbang holsters are by a woman, of a woman, and for a woman. Although I have seen many a man with nicer pecs than I possess, I have not heard of a man carrying concealed there. With that in mind, I am led to believe that only a woman would understand that fit well. Secondly, and this really oughtn't be second but it's my pet peeve, they make products for women that are NOT JUST PINK. See? A woman understands that to have a female product, you do not need to make it pink to appeal. You need to make it well.

I gave the gals at Flashbang Holsters a call and had a good chat about what I carry and what I need to carry it in. Yes, they actually took time to talk! My back-up gun is a .40 caliber Glock 27. For a small gun, it's a big small gun. So a week later I received three good quality products to try- the Flashbang for the Glock 27, the Rugar LCP, and an Ava, which is a well-made classy looking holster to carry my Glock 27 inside my pants' waistline.

As expected, the Glock 27 was not a good fit for an average-sized female, unless muffled under winter clothing. Photo courtesy Laurel Yoshimoto
I have to say, even after watching the videos and reading the instructions, it took me three tries before I could steel myself enough to put a loaded gun that close to my breast. I really like my body sans holes, and I have shot too much and seen too many videos to be unaware of just what a .40 caliber hollow point would do to that precious appendage. But, after looking closer to assure myself that the holster really was covering the trigger guard, I finally managed to wear the Flashbang.

I am 5' 6" and 135 pounds. I have all my original parts and am fairly normally proportioned. I found that, unless I put on a muumuu styled shirt, the Glock 27 just is too thick of a gun to not look like, in my girlfriend's words, "a third breast that pops out." While disappointing, I wasn't surprised. The sales lady I talked to actually warned me that the big gun plus my average chest probably wouldn't work too well, hence the Ava.

The Ruger LCP was a much better fit for women of all sizes. Photo courtesy Laurel Yoshimoto
I put the Glock away and tried on the Rugar LCP. Now this could work. I started going through my closet to see what shirts I could wear. As long as the shirt wasn't skin tight, it was very passable. Surprisingly enough, it was actually comfortable too. Maybe it's because my infant son used to fall asleep with his head in that same spot, but the weight was pleasant, not offensive. And the draw!

I have spent some time working on drawing quickly from my purse. Even with practice, it takes time to get the gun free of the leather and point it in the right direction. But this? Wow. This was comparable to drawing my competition gun from my CR Speed holster. It was fast. It was also addictive. I walked around the house for a while, drawing down quickly on lamps, door knobs, coffee cups, and potted plants. I finally had to stop when my young son asked me what I was doing. "Mommy's playing, sweetie..."

While the idea of carrying in my bra had gone from scary to exhilarating quickly, especially after feeling how secure it was and how fast it drew, my practical husband asked me, "Why would you try and hide something in your bra? That's one of the first places men look. It would have to be really well hidden." That was a good point that, as a female who doesn't usually stare at other women's chests, I had not thought of. I guess some men do have a habit of giving a lady a once (or twice) over, even when she isn't wearing a name tag. I was pretty sure that the Rugar would ride in secret just fine, but my XY half had a point, and I had a Glock 27 to carry.

The Ava from Flashbang Holsters is an inside the waistband leather and thermoplastic hybrid holster. Photo courtesy Flashbang Holsters
I changed out of the Flashbang and slipped on the Ava. It fit in my shorts well, and since I am used to carrying a gun on my hips, it felt just fine. My purse weighed practically nothing without the gun in it, and my hips hardly felt the weight. There were some shirts I couldn't wear with the Ava, but that still left me about half my wardrobe to choose from. In the winter months, with a jacket thrown over, I will be set.

Not wanting to keep new toys to myself, I had a few of my girlfriends try out the holsters as well. They came to the same conclusions I did about fit, size, and we had some talks about what to wear for which occasions (Ava to the baseball game, Flashbang to church, and back in the purse on that hot date). These holsters were good products that offered us more freedom in movement and fashion. Not being tied down to just one heavy option to shoulder was a good thing. For me personally, I am definitely adding these options to my concealed carry accessories. I feel comfortable wearing them, they secure my gun well, and they offer the spice of variety to my wardrobe.

- Laurel Yoshimoto

Laurel is an average shooter who fell in love with shooting sports eight years ago. She resides happily with her loving husband and young son in Southern California and is proud to serve in Law Enforcement.

Oct 31-Nov 2
Cops Range at Rolla MO
Oct 31-Nov 2
Hansen Range, Punta Gorda Florida
Nov 2
Rio Salado Sportsmans Club, Mesa Az.
Nov 7
Nov 7
Sanners Lake Sportsman's Club
Nov 6-8
S&W Shooting Sports Center, Springfield, MA
Nov 7-9
South River Gun Club, Covington, GA
Nov 29-30
Hernando Sportsmen's Club, 16121 Commercial Way (Highway 19), Brooksville, FL
Dec 20
Universal Shooting Academy - Frostproof, FL
Jan 14
Elm Fork Shooting Sports, 10751 Luna Road, Dallas, TX 75220
Jan 20-23
Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 4
Mesa, Arizona

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