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News | Monday, December 11, 2017

Streamlight Introduces Dualie Rechargeable Magnet

Streamlight Inc. introduced the Dualie Rechargeable Magnet, a lithium ion battery-powered rechargeable LED flashlight that is safety rated for use in Division 1 environments. The new light also can be used hands free through the use of integrated magnets that grab onto steel surfaces.

DeSantis Facilitator Holster for Glock 43

DeSantis Gunhide introduces the Facilitator for the Glock 43. The Facilitator Style #042 is made from Kydex and features the Redi-Lok trigger locking device.

Comp-Tac Wheelchair Holster Mount

Comp-Tac Victory Gear has a new wheelchair holster system. It uses Comp-Tac's popular International Holster with a hex screw mount that allows it to be easily and quickly attached to a wheelchair using two firm gripping clamp mounts.

SAR Partners with Whitetails Unlimited

The Student Air Rifle Program is excited to partner with Whitetails Unlimited to provide grants to new SAR schools. Five, $1,000 grants will be administered through SAR as a result of Whitetails Unlimited support.

USCCA Calls for Senate Action on Reciprocity Bill

The United States Concealed Carry Association is calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on national concealed carry reciprocity legislation.

UTG PRO AR Pistol Extended Receiver Extension Tube

UTG PRO's latest Michigan made AR pistol extension tube is designed specifically to be compatible with the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1 brace. It is compatible with standard AR15 type buffers and springs.

Monster Hunting on GunVenture

This week on GunVenture, host Ryan Gresham heads to the Florida panhandle for an Intercoastal Safari adventure.! He'll try his hand at shark fishing, hunting the predators of the deep.

Pulsar to Display Technology at 2018 CES

Pulsar Night Vision is proud to announce participation in the 51st Consumer Electronics Show, being held January 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. CES is the perfect place to showcase Pulsar's latest thermal and digital night vision technology to the rest of the world.

Houston Safari Club Annual Hunting Expo

Houston Safari Club has expanded its annual Hunting Expo and Convention to twice the number of exhibitors versus prior years. HSC will be moving its largest annual fundraiser to the George R. Brown Convention Center in 2018 to accommodate the ever-growing list of exhibitors.


Round Rugers

I spent time at Gunsite Academy with some great people from Ruger last week. While there, I availed myself of the opportunity to shoot a few of their recently issued revolvers.

These were double-action revolvers, not guns from the single-action line. They included the GP100 357 Magnum 7-shot – another four-inch like the one previewed here. There was also a four-inch Ruger Redhawk, an 8-shot .357 Magnum and the Super Redhawk in 10mm.

The GP100 is a class act, as I'd indicated in the previous story. A relevant piece of steel with the excellent rubber stock featuring hardwood inserts, it's a pleasure to shoot. I'd gotten only one range trip with the new seven-shot 357 before the Arizona adventure. I took this opportunity to shoot the factory sample at Gunsite on York Range.

The stationary Pepper-Poppers at either end of the backstop were huge; the center circles are 12" in diameter. After hammering one of them with Hornady 158 grain XTP 357s at 25 yards, I moved back to fifty yards. It was no chore to hit the steel from there either. A six-shot DA group on paper from 25 yards was just under three-inches – a fluke, since it was me shooting the gun.

Examination of the new 8-shot Redhawk in 357 – a four-inch, not a snub like their previous introduction – revealed Ruger's new sleeve and shroud barrel. Cold-hammer forged, it's apparent that it's a two-piece barrel from the front, not a good place to be looking. You can't tell from behind the gun.

As it is supplied with the Ruger wood stocks and there's no filler between the trigger guard and the grip frame, it's a knuckle-barking adventure. I didn't shoot it much, but it was accurate when I didn't flinch. Unlike the snub version of the same gun, it has a square butt and it appears that Hogue can fix you up with replacement stocks.

This 44-ounce revolver is quite a shooter.

The Ruger Super Redhawk in 10mm had some internet-types wondering "why?" I had no opinion on it. It's a 54 ounce revolver and you can carry the 10mm in lighter guns – autos mostly. But revolvers are good too.

Shooting this thing was an absolute pleasure. Using some ammo from Black Hills and Double Tap, I found hitting the steel from fifty yards to be simple. Ace photographer Yamil Sued, of Gun Stock Reviews, and Dick Williams, Shooting Illustrated Handguns Editor, both shot the heavyweight on York Range. Both came away appreciating the heavy hitter.

The six-shot, 54-ounce revolver has a 6.5" barrel and an overall length of a foot – leading me to remark that failure to stop a hog with the 10mm cartridge could be remediated by using the gun as an impact weapon . . .

Photographer and video host Yamil Sued shoots the big Super Redhawk 10mm while present on another assignment. He was impressed by the light recoil and ease of shooting offered by the new SRH.
The double action pull was superb and I couldn't help but shoot the gun single-action one-handed – bullseye style. It's a lot of gun to support that way but it was pleasantly powerful.

The Ruger revolvers are made from stainless steel, lock up solidly and feature a transfer bar safety system to make them drop-safe. They also feature adjustable rear sights. The 10mm comes with "moon clips," though we didn't use them for the shooting.

I'm hoping a seven-shot GP100 snub will be making its way to my location soon. Ruger continues to be a big player in revolver manufacture. I'm very happy about that.

- - Rich Grassi

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