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Bowtech Pro Shooter Paige Pearce will once again be representing the United States on the 2021 USA Archery Team.
Shoot Like A Girl has added one last stop in 2020, wrapping up the year’s Coast to Coast Tour. The Shoot Like A Girl mobile range will be attending a free, public event on Friday, December 4 and Saturday, December 5, hosted by corporate sponsor and optics company Bushnell.
A special edition of the Sauer 100 Ceratech bolt-action rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC chamberings is now available in KUIU Vias camo pattern with Cerakote action exclusively through Big Rock Sports.

Whether you enjoy shooting handguns at indoor ranges, plinking on interactive targets, punching small groups at long range or training for your next 3-gun competition-these compartmentalized kits from Krome deliver something specific to each of these needs.
Safariland and Flying Cross, a global leader in public safety uniforms, announce their collaborative launch of phase one of a new virtual sizing technology called XpertFit.
O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. announces a donation of $75,000 to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) following the cancellation of the 2021 Shooting Hunting & Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.

Beretta USA announced that the Illinois Glendale Heights Police Department has adopted the Beretta APX pistol as the department’s new 9mm duty weapon. Glendale Heights is a western suburb of Chicago.
American gunmaker Henry Repeating Arms is announcing a large transition in their product catalog with upgrades for their Wisconsin-made lever-action rifles and shotguns and new calibers and configurations for their H015 Single Shot firearms.
The U.S. Concealed Carry Association announced a partnership with Disabled American Veterans, a nonprofit organization that provides a lifetime of support for veterans and their families. The USCCA is launching a long-term fundraising effort for DAV where customers can add a donation in their cart when purchasing merchandise through the online store.

Chad Simpson has been named as an S3DA Arkansas Regional Coordinator. As a Regional Coordinator, Chad will oversee the development and operation of S3DA within the Central Arkansas region.
The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation recently donated $451,258.50 to Team Endowment Accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation, providing assistance for youth shooting sports expenses.
Riton Optics is a sponsor of the Athlon Outdoors "Shoot for $1 Million" Sweepstakes. From now until January 31st, eligible participants can enter to win a Riton Optics package that includes some of Riton’s most popular products.
Part 1 of the three-part 2021 New Product Showcase in Shooting Industry’s December issue features more than 50 companies ready to deliver new-for-2021 options for dealers to offer customers.
Steiner Optics TOR pistol laser and light models are now available for dealers and consumers. The TOR Mini and TOR Fusion mounted to a pistol will fit a variety of holsters from popular manufacturers.
Sig Sauer, Inc. is announcing a safety recall for the CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle, and consumers should immediately discontinue use of the rifle. This recall applies to all CROSS Bolt-Action rifles currently manufactured.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says its public shooting ranges in Hartland and the West Mountain Wildlife Management Area will be closed for the winter after December 14.
This week on Guns & Gear: It’s sturdy steel target options from Caldwell Shooting Supplies; Smith & Wesson’s M2.0 Compact Optics-Ready CORE pistol; Springfield Armory’s Hellcat micro-compact; new handguns from Taurus; and Colt’s Combat Elite series.
Shooting USA covers 1911s in competition at the Classic Single Stack Nationals. Then the CMP Team Match is bringing friends and family to the range for the challenge of shooting out to 600 yards.


The adjusted NICS numbers from the National Shooting Sports Foundation came out yesterday afternoon. As you may have surmised, 2020 -despite being a crazy year- has been a very good one for the firearms industry. We’re not going to venture a guess as to whether that’s a vote of confidence in shooting sports or a nervous public trying to assuage their nervousness about the future. Your answer, like the mileage in your car, may vary with local conditions.

Looking at the numbers, Black Friday -the day, showed a slight dip in sales. Overall, however, the Black Friday weekend numbers were higher. Hopefully, that’s a reflection of retailers realizing that they’re going to actually have more sales if they space their Black Friday “specials” out over the weekend. A smothered NICS system on Black Friday isn’t helpful for overall results. The NSSF’s been preaching that lesson to member retailers- hopefully, some have started to take the lesson to heart.

Overall, the 4-Day total of adjusted NICS numbers is up 4.2 percent over 2019, with a total of 417,465 checks this year versus 400,681 in 2019.

Cyber Monday produced some eye-popping numbers, with totals up 65.2% over 2019. That’s 123,797 checks versus 74,926 in 2019. Big numbers.

Overall, November 2020’s numbers were another record. The November 2020 NSSF-adjusted NICS figures: 1,949,141- an increase of 45.2 percent over 2019-the previous record year.

Year-to-Date, we’ve seen 19.1 million adjusted NICS checks -a record setting year for firearms sales. According to the NSSF’s Retailer Surveys, nearly 7.7 million people were first-time firearms buyers in 2020.

So, you might ask, what does that mean? Here’s the answer from NSSF’s Director of Public Affairs, Mark Oliva:

November background checks are in line with what weve seen all year long. Americans continue to purchase firearms at record pace for a variety of reasons, including concerns for personal safety, onerous gun control plans by a Biden-Harris administration and for lawful purposes including recreational shooting, hunting and self-defense.

“The fact that the pace of these sales hasnt slowed since March shows Americans value their Second Amendment freedoms and will exercise the right to keep and bear arms of their choosing.

“Politicians looking for a mandate on firearms should examine the record setting figures Americans are posting every month with firearm sales. Americans have told their elected representatives more than 19 million times exactly where their voters stand when it comes to their rights, more than 7.5 million making that declaration publicly for the first time in their lives.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem politicians listen to obvious until there’s a crisis. Hopefully, they’re not contributing to the creation of one with their tone deaf insistence on infringing on individual rights and freedoms.

We’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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