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“It was the biggest gathering of gun rights activists in the world,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, following this weekend’s thirty-fifth annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. For the first time, the GRPC was, held entirely online.
Outdoor Life's shooting editor spent the summer shooting 24 new rifles and shotguns and just released the results. The CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain came out on top, winning an Outdoor Life Editor's Great Buy Award.
Celerant Technology announced a partnership with Gun StoreMaster, an ATF compliance software solution. The integration enables Federal Firearms License dealers to easily manage in store and online transactions; improve regulatory risk management; and comply with federal and state firearms laws.

Primary Arms Optics has announced the promotion of Antonio Torres to U.S. Inside Sales and Operations Manager. In this role, Antonio will be responsible for many key functions, including managing OEM opportunities.
Otis Technology is integrating its full product line of cleaning kits, Ripcord®, hearing protection and more into GoWild’s marketplace, and is partnering with GoWild to reach a budding community of new and veteran firearms enthusiasts.
Federal Ammunition and Vista Outdoor announced its continued support of International Hunter Education Association-USA with a large, dedicated sponsorship aimed at developing a new IHEA-USA website.

NSSF is pleased to announce that Beretta USA has contributed $100,000 to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE voter registration and education campaign.
NSSF announced that Davidson’s, Inc., a wholesale distributor, has contributed $50,000 to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE voter registration, education and mobilization campaign.
Benelli USA, a leading firearm manufacturer, has contributed $100,000 to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE® voter registration and education campaign.

Tactical Gear Distributors is looking for a professional Sales Assistant for a full-time position in the Aberdeen, North Carolina corporate office.
Tactical Gear Distributors is looking for a professional Sales Coordinator for a full-time position in the Aberdeen, North Carolina corporate office.
SIG SAUER, Inc.announced that the SIG AIR Reflex Sight is now shipping. Designed to fit the SIG AIR M17 pellet pistol, and SIG ProForce M17 and M18 airsoft pistol, this low profile 1x23mm reflex sight features a wide field of view and 3 MOA red dot.
The upcoming release of Gen5 GLOCK 40-caliber pistols (G22, G23 and G27), will require new holsters to fit the slightly wider pistols. Comp-tac added new fits in the Infidel Max, Infidel Ultra Max, Warrior, International and Blue Duty Holster Series approximately two weeks prior to the launch of these new firearms.
DeSantis Gunhide announced availability of the Slim-Tuk holster for the Walther PPQ and PPQ M2 pistols. It’s a minimalist IWB holster that can be used by left- or right handed users.
Tactical Gear Distributors is looking to expand its sales team in both the Chapin, South Carolina and Aberdeen, North Carolina sales offices.

Pulsar announced the release of a thermal monocular – the Axion XM30S. Fitting easily into a hand or pocket, this monocular has a 1024x768 AMOLED display, 4.5x-18x magnification, 320x240 sensor resolution, 1,400-yard detection range and 4x digital zoom.
NSSF is pleased to announce that Browning Arms Company and FN America have together contributed $50,000 to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE voter registration, education and mobilization campaign.
Shoot Like A Girl Founder and President, Karen Butler, is honored to be a guest speaker at the sixth annual Shoot4Shelter sporting clay tournament fundraiser, hosted by Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville, Alabama.

Continuing the SSSF Scholarship Program, the 501(c)(3) foundation has awarded 150 graduating senior athletes with $500 scholarships for the 2019/2020 season. Since 2013, the SSSF has awarded over $500,000 in scholarship funds benefiting over 600 student-athletes, from nearly all 50 states.
Steiner Optics is offering a number of fall promotions to give hunters, shooters, birders and outdoor enthusiasts added savings on select products from October 1 through December 31, 2020.
Faxon Firearms has teamed up with nine premiere companies to offer a hog hunting prize pack valued at over $4000.
NSSF announced that has agreed to sponsor the 2021 SHOT University at the Platinum level. is a firearms marketplace that partners with storefront firearms retailers to provide a robust online sales channel.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) continues its support of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters, Inc. as a .50 Caliber Sponsor of the TWAW Annual National Leadership Conference, which is being held virtually from September 21 through September 27.
Shooting USA explores the development of US military rifles from the Trapdoor Springfield, as they trace the efforts to put superior firepower in the hands of US troops through the battles of the 20th Century.

Today's feature is from our companion service, The Tactical Wire.

I was recently notified of the pending reissue of the gun that turned firearms manufacture on its head: the GLOCK P80. Never heard of it?

According to material from Lipsey’s and elsewhere, the gun is a near reproduction of the gun built for the Austrian military trials announced in 1980, conducted in 1981. The new plastic frame, striker-fired pistol became the Austrian P80 in 1982. It was released commercially as the G17.

You’ve heard of that. It was the beginning of a police and military pistol that is still in production and was the basis for a range of sidearms across calibers and formats.

The commemorative box (above) contains the "tupperware-"style box (below) and a certificate of authenticity.

The essentials of the gun itself include the original P80/Gen 1 frame (except the Austrian pistols didn’t have the serial plate in the frame; that was a US import/sales requirement). The frame features the pebble texture and there are “P80” slide markings, in the original font. The trigger face is smooth (not grooved), there’s a flat extractor (of the original type), polymer sights and a single pin frame.

The gun includes a pair of magazines – current metal-lined versions – boxed in the “Tupperware-“ style peel-top box with a certificate of authenticity.

Like any G17, it has the 4.49” barrel (the current 14mm barrel, not the thin 13.5mm barrel of the original), has polygonal rifling, uses Gen 1-3 trigger, connectors, etc., and the gun weighs just over 32 ounces. The Pistole 80 was adopted by both military and police forces in Austria in 1982.

It took three years to get these guns made. Lipsey’s is known for GLOCK project guns and they made it happen. The original frame molds were long gone, but GLOCK stepped up for this commemorative project; the P80 is all GLOCK and nothing but; it’s not the “Polymer 80.” The MSRP is $669.

I shot the new-old gun from the 25 yard bench with four loads. I found that it was easily a three-inch group gun at that distance.


TABLE: Accuracy, 25 yards, from seated rest; five-shot groups.





Winchester 9mm “NATO” 124 FMJ


3/5 into 1.5”

Speer 124 gr. Gold Dot HP


3/5 into .75” (!)

Hornady Critical Defense “LITE” 100gr FTX


3/5 into 2”, didn’t function the gun

Speer 115gr. GDHP



It shoots inside of three inches, more accuracy than it needs. The trigger was a little stout but clean – and, I fear, a good number of likely buyers may never shoot this gun. And that’s a shame.

But it’s a service pistol and I felt like I should compare it to other service handguns, so I shot it on the Comparative Standards. There’s a discussion of that here. Suffice to say that I was slow; those sights are tight with little light on either side of the front sight when looking at it through the rear. Didn’t matter, I shot the course clean – for the first time, thank you – though very slowly. The holster was the Safariland 7TS, worn concealed, and the ammo was the Winchester 9mm “NATO” 124 gr. ball round – keeping it ‘service correct.’

Service-style Safariland 7TS holster and Winchester "9mm NATO" ball were used in the comparative standards.

I averaged nearly three seconds to the single hit from 25 yards – vastly too slow. The “single from guard” best effort from fifteen yards was still just over one second (should be under) and the pair from ten yards was .01 second under the standard in Hackathorn’s Wizard Drill. The reload and single “high value” shot from five yards were likewise a bit slow, with other times coming in “about right.”

The stock sights didn’t help, the old-fashioned frame texture didn’t actually hurt – and did I say I shot it clean?

It does take a little jolt to run the gun. Not necessarily “+P” or NATO standard, but a bit of a jolt. The “made for compact guns” Critical Defense LITE was not a good choice for this envelope … but it’s a new (old-style) gun and I imagine it’d digest the flyweight Hornady load after it’d been shot some.

I see why the Austrians selected it, just like I can see why – at its peak – around 80% of US civilian law enforcement selected this gun. It just works and it shoots quite well.

Lipsey’s has done it again and GLOCK does it still.

-- Rich Grassi

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