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Gridiron Capital, LLC, an investment firm focused on partnering with founders, entrepreneurs, and management teams, is pleased to announce the signing of a definitive agreement to sell its controlling interest in Good Sportsman Marketing Outdoors (GSM Outdoors), to Platinum Equity. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition is expected to close in Q3 2024.
Steiner extends its thanks to the editors at Petersen’s Hunting for choosing the Steiner H6Xi as a recipient of the magazine’s Hunting Gear Annual Editor’s Choice Award.
SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG professional shooter Daniel Horner on a historic win at the 2024 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. After successfully defending his championship title, Horner remains the only competitor in USPSA history to hold the national Modified Division title and is the first competitor ever to earn a national competition title win with an MCX-SPEAR LT rifle.

Scholastic 3-D Archery recently concluded its 7th annual Eastern Outdoor Target National Championship at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky. This culminating event in the eastern region brought together nearly 300 archers from 87 S3DA teams across 16 states, all vying for the title of National Champion in their division and class.
Kent Cartridge announces its participation as a Bluebill Sponsor at the Delta Waterfowl Expo. The event will take place from July 26-28, 2024, at the Raising Canes River Center in Baton Rouge, LA. Kent Cartridge will be exhibiting at Booths 161 & 147.
Winchester will be exhibiting in booth 410 and 411 at the 2024 Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo taking place Friday, July 26 through Sunday, July 28 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Winchester retailers, Simmons Sporting Goods and Mack’s Prairie Wings will also be attending and showcasing the various lines of Winchester waterfowl ammunition.

X-Vision Optics announces its participation in the upcoming Chattanooga Shooting Supplies Dealer Show, held from July 28th to July 30th at the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tenn.
Shoot Like A Girl® will be making a stop at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s in Short Pump, Va., bringing an interactive event that aims to introduce women and their families to the exciting world of shooting sports in a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere.
Christensen Arms invites the public to attend the premiere screenings of its new film, “LEGACY,” featuring Jim Shockey and directed by Jim’s son, Branlin Shockey, which will be shown at the Bass Pro Shops locations in Independence, Missouri, and Garner, North Carolina.

The Swagger Bipods QD42 is designed to meet the needs of crossbow hunters with its innovative QD system. This hybrid design integrates Quick Adapt Technology from our Hunter Series, creating a versatile and highly functional shooting system.
Galco's High Ready™ chest holster system is the latest in an expanding line of torso-worn hunting and outdoor holsters, and it is now available for the Glock 17 with weapon-mounted light.
Volquartsen Firearms adds to their pistol lineup with the new Mini Scorpion-X 22 LR. The 3" Scorpion-X LLV has been combined with the Volquartsen lightweight VF Target Frame in the 1911 grip angle to create a lightweight and extremely accurate 22 LR.
Millennium Treestands® is proud to introduce the L-118 Bowlite Single Ladder Stand, thoughtfully designed for comfort and portability. Weighing in at 53 lbs., the L-118 perfectly balances sturdiness and portability, making it ideal for run-and-gun hunters.
Remington Ammunition will return as a Teal Level sponsor and attendee of the 2024 Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo. The event is July 26-28 at the Raising Cane’s River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Visitors to Remington’s booth No. 190 can see Big Green’s full assortment of ammunition, including new waterfowl products for 2024.
GunBroker announces a generous donation of $25,000 to the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). This contribution underscores GunBroker’s ongoing commitment to supporting the preservation and defense of individual firearm rights in the United States.

Vudoo Gun Works announces Heather Miller as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Heather brings over a decade of expertise in the firearms industry, with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and enhancing brand and customer engagement.
FALCO® Holsters announces the addition of Luke Cuenco to the team as a new Content Creator. Cuenco will create various content, including product reviews, how-to guides, and real-world application videos, to highlight the unique features and benefits of FALCO holsters.
Vudoo Gun Works announced the promotion of Jack Oliver from Director of Engineering to Chief Operating Officer. As Director of Engineering, Jack Oliver demonstrated a proven track record of streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and driving strategic initiatives.

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded Federal Ammunition a one-year, $3.6M contract to supply SOCOM with 7.62x51mm rifle ammunition.
HeadHunters NW invites those seeking expert recruitment solutions to book in-person strategic planning sessions during the 2024 NSSF Annual Import / Export Conference, which will be held from July 30 to August 1 in Washington, D.C.
SHOT UniversityTM has issued a call for presentations for its educational sessions at the 2025 NSSF® SHOT Show®. SHOT University will take place January 21-23, during the 2025 NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Glow Rhino announces its search for manufacturers' sales representatives in the outdoor and knife markets. We are seeking motivated and dedicated sales representative groups eager to grow a new brand with unique technology.
Accuracy Solutions and Nitriam LLC is seeking a Product Designer that will report to Nitriam LLC which is the designer on record currently partnered with Accuracy Solutions for all product development initiatives. This is a remote position.
The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) has filed a lawsuit challenging the ATF “Engaged in the Business” Final Rule. The ATF’s Final Rule unlawfully redefines when a person is “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms and therefore required to be federally licensed. This new lawsuit is being filed on the heels of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have reined in executive branch agencies from acting outside of statutory authority.

ESCORT Shotguns presents the addition of 3 camo patterns in its cutting-edge PS 20 gauge semi-automatic shotguns. With camo finish options, including Realtree Timber, Mossy Oak Bottomlands, and Realtree MAX-5, users can choose the best pattern for their hunting trips.
B5 Systems released it’s in house hydro dipped products earlier this year with the launch of the in-line MULTICAM®, MULTICAM ® Black and Woodland dipped skus. For the remainder of July they have added limited edition Flecktarn combo kits, pairing their most popular products together. Additionally, every combo kit includes a FREE B5 Systems Flecktarn hat.
In honor of the 80th anniversary of Mack’s Prairie Wings and its former President and CEO, the late Marion McCollum, Winchester announces a special commemorative Xpert waterfowl ammunition offering available fall 2024.
Springfield Armory® announces the launch of the Prodigy™ AOS 9mm pistol in a Cerakote® Coyote Brown finish. This new Prodigy variant is available in both 5” and 4.25” variants, in both standard-capacity and 10-round versions.
The people at ZeroTech Optics want to help you make an informed decision by diving deep into the benefits and drawbacks of red dot and green dot sights. Issues include visibility, eye comfort, environmental limits, costs and more.
G5 Outdoors and Prime Archery are proud to announce the continued partnership with Joe Eppele, who has been representing both brands for five years.
Antler King is pleased to announce the company has renewed its partnership with DeerTopia. Hosted by deer habitat manager Steve Bartylla, DeerTopia is a Deer & Deer Hunting exclusive. In each episode, Bartylla shares his proven tactics to help hunters produce bigger, healthier deer populations from the ground up.
Continuing their support of the Sportsmen’s Alliance and their mission to protect hunting, fishing and trapping for future generations in all 50 states, Vortex® has renewed their Business Partner membership and increased their support once again, becoming the organization’s largest annual partner.
Walther Arms, Inc. announces that the Walther PDP F-Series has been acclaimed as the favorite pistol by participants of A Girl and A Gun Women's Shooting League's 12th Annual National Conference, SHINE 2024.
DeSantis Gunhide introduced new holsters for the S&W Bodyguard 2.0 Pistol. These include the #085 Thumb Break Mini Slide, the #062 Apache Ankle holster and the #N87 Pro-Stealth.
Big & J continues to meet the needs of deer hunters and wildlife enthusiasts with their renowned product, Cotton Crave. Unlike other attractants, Cotton Crave, introduced to their lineup last year, promises to remain an essential tool for attracting deer for years to come, thanks to its unique blend and powerful aroma.
Rock River Arms has launched a new consumer rebate program effective now through September 2, 2024. The RRA Webstore Special rebate program is open to all consumers who purchase a new RRA AR rifle or AR pistol (excluding RRAGE and 22LR models).
August is National Shooting Sports Month, making it a great time to hit the shooting range. Whether you are a beginner who wants to shoot a bow or rifle for the first time, or you’re a seasoned hunter prepping for the fall hunts, the two Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shooting ranges offer something for everyone and will also provide free and discounted shooting on Saturday, Aug. 3.
Powder Valley is continuing its tremendous growth with the addition of shooting gear from top companies such as Birchwood Casey and Caldwell to its lineup.
JK Armament announced their new barrel threading service for your favorite bolt action rifles, from tactical to hunting to long-range precision. Order the barrel threading product via the JK Armament website, print out your work order, and ship your barrel or barreled action in.
APEX Ammunition is pleased to announce its Waterfowl TSS-S3 Steel Blend shotshells are now shipping. These handcrafted “duplex” loads offer the best of both worlds, combining APEX’s premium, zinc-coated S3 Steel pellets with ultra-high density Tungsten Super Shot for a harder-hitting payload and improved terminal performance to reduce crippling.
The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is pleased to announce that GunBroker, the world's largest online marketplace for firearms, accessories, and ammunition, has joined the organization as a corporate partner at the Gold level.
NSSF® announces that Mark Barnes & Associates will return as Gold Sponsor of the 2024 NSSF Annual Import/Export Conference that will take place July 30-August 1 in Washington, D.C.
If memorable hunting moments and real-life storylines are what’s on tap this summer, tune in for “Mossy Oak Moments” block of programming on Outdoor Channel beginning at 7 p.m. ET every Tuesday. Tune in for hunting series featuring some of the most renowned outdoorsmen and women in the industry showcasing unforgettable hunting adventures.

The Ultimate Carry revolvers – the M432 (bottom) and the M642 38 Special.

My original intent was to combine the 32 and 38 versions of the Ultimate Carry revolver line, conceptualized by Lipseys and Smith & Wesson, in a single review. For those who came in late, revolver connoisseurs Daryl Bolke and Bryan Eastridge were called in to consult on the project. The gun specified was an alloy-frame “Centennial” (concealed hammer) revolver, with improved visibility sights – regulated to hit center at useful snub distances with available loads – and improved “high horn” stocks, all of which have to come in at a lower price point than the M340PD/M&P340 revolver line. 

There was pilferage from that line with the two-piece barrel which makes assembly easier and facilitates installation of another front-sight system. The new guns have titanium action pins for durability in the long term.

VZ Grips worked extensively trying to make a high horn stock that met the needs. They did well, but the damn things are still hard, made from G10 as they are. 

What is G10? I don’t know, so I went to the source.

That tells me that the material is a “high-pressure fiberglass laminate” of glass cloth layers, similar to a boat hull. Soaking the glass in epoxy resin, they use heat and pressure to form the item into the shape needed. Moisture resistant, it’s durable stuff that won’t become brittle or soften over time. 

They’re still hard and the gun is still light.

Why a 32? And why not the 327 Federal Magnum? That would offer more flexibility.

Well, a 640 – especially the Pro Series type – in 327 Federal Magnum might scratch that itch for a few. Still, it’s a lot of horsepower in not much weight. For the old-timers in the crowd, consider the 32 WCF (the 32-20) cartridge; loaded by factories in two flavors, one for handgun and one for rifle, it was a favorite in the Winchester lever action rifle and the Colt Single Action Army. Shooting the rifle load in the revolver could get sporty – especially when Colt chambered their lightweight D-frame Police Positive Special in 32 WCF.

That got the shooter’s attention, quickly. I fired the 327 Fed. Mag in the Ruger SP101. That gun is a veritable tank compared to Airweight S&Ws – and I didn’t like shooting the 327 in the SP101. In the same firm’s Blackhawk single action revolver, I imagine it’d be closer to the discontinued Blackhawk in 30 Carbine.

The combined crew at S&W and Lipseys got this right; 32 H&R is the practical limit for this gun. 

Shooting at Range Ready in Louisiana in February, I thought the 32 was vastly easier to shoot than the 38. I found, when shooting for velocity over a Garmin Xero Pro C1 – a chore shared with fellow scribbler Rob Garrett – the 38 and 32 were nearly indistinguishable with some loads. The heavy Double Tap wadcutter that earlier had sailed through two 16” blocks of Clear Ballistics gel and hit the backstop with enough authority to injure a human being, that 32 load was a bit much through the M432 UC. 

At home, I tried a few loads for velocity and accuracy. Shooting at 20 yards and having used XS Sights before, I held the “ball” front sight up out of the “bucket” of the rear sight. The load struck high, just to the left of the headbox of the Birchwood Casey BC EZE-Scorer 12” x 18” BC IPSC reduced size silhouette. This was with the first load of the day, Hornady Critical Defense 80 grain FTX 32 H&R Magnum. 

The VZ Grips high horns did me no favors; that load is a thumper out of the M432 UC. The load averaged 928 FPS. The group was 3 5/8” at 20 yards, with the best three hits going into 1 1/8”. I imagine the hammering of the proximal thumb joint contributed to opening the group. 

The Lost River 100 grain Poly Coat wadcutter averaged 761 FPS – but that’s out of a short barrel. With the bullet weight, it too gave a thumping to the shooter. A three-inch group resulted with the best three in 1 ¼”.

There’s a pattern here. And holding the sights level put the round where I held. Federal Champion 95gr. lead SWC traveled at an average 863 FPS and yielded a vertical string. I was wondering if the recoil got the better of me, but the best three covered 3 ¾”. I’m considering this an anomaly. 

Sellier & Bellot makes a pleasing to shoot 100 grain wadcutter load that travels at a sedate 640 FPS. The three-inch group was likely more the shooter, though the shorter round had further to travel before it hit the forcing cone. The "best three" group was close, at 2 7/8”.

I put a 3x5” label in the middle of the BC EZE-Scorer A-zone, vertical, and did some closer work with my meager supply of S&B Wadcutter. Staying in the 3x5” label was no chore at 7-10 yards. I confess to some low hits out of the upper A-zone of the reduced size silhouette with that load. 

Would I put softer stocks, bigger though they may be, on this 32? Yes. In fact, I have – and I’m waiting to get back out to the range to see if there’s an appreciable difference with 32 H&R loads. 

And how about the gun? It’s what the J-frame revolvers should have always been – light, easy to shoot as well as easy to carry. 

They hit a home run with the UC revolvers. The 38 – just recently received – will come up soon. 

— Rich Grassi

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