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Team Winchester member Anthony Matarese continued his winning ways at the 2022 National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) North Central Regional. Matarese locked up High Overall Champion in the main event, crushing 195 of 200 targets.
Remington ambassador and professional shooter Julia Stallings impressed all as she earned second place in the USA Shooting Nationals at the Jonathan Halter Shooting Center in Hillsdale, Michigan.
Leading the National Trophy Individual Match and firing a new national record score was SSG Jarrod Mcgaffic, 32, of the USAMU. SFC Erin O’Neill, 34, etched a national record score of her own in the NTI event – firing 497-22X for fourth overall and the high all-time score for the accompanying Women’s Rifle Trophy as the top female competitor.

SSG Amanda Elsenboss, 33, of the Army National Guard, has made history – marking the first overall win by a female in the President’s Rifle Match, an event that’s been in existence since 1894.
Springfield Armory announces “Unlock Greatness”, their largest ever in-store giveaway, taking place on September 3. Safes containing an unannounced firearm and accessories from our partners are arriving at retailers now. Will your code open the safe and unlock greatness?
GUNFEST 2022 took place August 5-7th in Sturgis SD, during the first half of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Presented by, it was a three-day consumer event.

For anyone looking to get serious about rimfire competition shooting without the costs of a full-on custom rifle, CZ-USA has released its match-grade MTR chamber and the extremely tight tolerances that come with it in one of the gunmaker’s most popular 22 LR bolt guns—the 457 Varmint Precision Trainer (VPT).
Chambered in .45 Long Colt and .410 shotshell, the Rowdy packs plenty of punch regarding stopping power. Handgun enthusiasts love the precision of the .45 caliber barrel, but switching to the .410 and blowing a hole through your range target is quite a sight.
Ed Brown Products, Inc. continues to grow their product line by partnering with Hogue Inc, with a new line of high-performance knives. The first knife in the series is the ABLE-Lock folder.

In appreciation of our first responders and military personnel, Beretta USA is pleased to announce that it has launched its American Defender Program that now offers special pricing to assist qualified individuals in the purchase of their individual firearms.
MidwayUSA’s Robyn Perry was recently promoted to the position of Financial Services Manager – Financial Reporting and Budgeting. Robyn joined MidwayUSA in December of 2001 as an Order Processor in Customer Support.
BONE-DRI, inventor of award-winning rust prevention gun cases, has partnered with PnP Outdoors as its sales consultant. PnP Outdoors will oversee the growth and expansion of the company’s accounts by developing and implementing key strategic incentives. This includes dealer, distributor, and chain sales as well as business management, agency sales, retailing, and wholesaling.
MidwayUSA’s Alex Guerrero was recently promoted to the position of Financial Services Manager – EDI & Inventory Payables. Alex joined MidwayUSA in 2015 as a Logistics Specialist.
MidwayUSA releases "The Third Baldrige Award," a short story by Larry Potterfield, Founder and Executive Chair of Board of Directors.
The Firearms Policy Coalition announced a victory in its Campos v. Bonta lawsuit, which challenged policies and practices of California Attorney General Rob Bonta and his Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms that delayed firearm transactions beyond the statutory 10-day waiting period absent a legal basis.

The latest E SERIES Green Laser Sights from Viridian are available to fit Palmetto State Armory’s Dagger, a compact pistol featuring a single-action striker-fired trigger mechanism and is snag-free due to a smooth edge design.
The CenterPoint Hornet Crossbow fires at 191 feet-per-second with an 80-pound draw weight. It’s light, at 2.32 pounds and features a reflex sight.
CrossBreed Holsters continues to expand its holster offerings to cover the handguns most used by today's EDC and CCW practitioners. This now includes holsters for the premium FX-19 Hellfire compact 9mm from Faxon Firearms.

Hornady Security announced their new Ammo Cabinets. These cabinets are a specialty security container for organizing and safeguarding ammo and much more.
SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the P365-XMACRO bringing more capacity, more shootability, and more concealability to everyday carry; the P365-XMACRO packs an unprecedented 17+1 round standard capacity into the iconic 1” slim profile of the P365.
Orion Wholesale announced they are hosting their annual Sig Sauer e-Show August 15th – 19th. This year’s event will feature special pricing on Sig Sauer firearms, ammunition, electro-optics and accessories.
Firearms Policy Coalition sent a letter to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee informing it that abrogating fundamental rights are not within its purview. FPC’s letter spotlights the arrogance and immorality of attempts to vote away fundamental rights away from the People.
The National Archery in the School Program has finished the 2022 National Tournament season. Combined participation exceeded 16,000 student archers submitting scores. Thanks to the generosity of many of its sponsors, NASP awarded $50,500 in random scholarships to National-level tournament participants.
Galco Holsters has partnered with SIG-Sauer and AR500 Armor for the ultimate prize giveaway. One winner will receive a SIG-Sauer P229 Legion RXP, Elite Performance ammunition, an AR500 armor bundle and more.
The first Ruger-made Marlin rifle, the 1895 SBL, commands the cover of GUNS Magazine’s October issue and boasts a host of improvements and strong business backing.
Silencer Shop, the largest NFA distributor in the United States, announces the availability of HUXWRX Safety Co. 's (formerly OSS Suppressors) new suppressor, the FLOW 556K, at

Watching as things in Washington become increasingly more surreal, I’ve been doing a lot of “spitballing” with friends - from various stages and different industries of my life.

We discuss what each of us thinks is a reasonable outcome in the latest attempts to “reset” the country.

Fear, for example, is seldom an indicator of long-term success. Start telling me “bad things will be happening” if I don’t do something, and the skeptical me takes over the conversation. Expect hard questions. I’m an optimist, but accept nothing as indisputable without proof.

It’s getting harder to put a positive face on lots of things I see. Especially when I know the amount of media “spin” being applied to facts. Spin comes from both sides. And truth most usually lies in the middle of the opposite spins. The almost qualifier is in play these days, and there are few neutral observers.

In 1947, Kurt Lewin described three phases of changing business culture like he was remaking an ice cube: unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. In 1947, that was revolutionary thinking. Today, CATS (changing as three steps) is considered “overly simplistic.” It still works.

Watching the news is like watching Lewin’s change model being applied to our society.

Step one, unfreezing, saw politicians introducing changes “beneficial” to societal subgroups. The whole group isn’t needed. But subgroups can begin the thawing process. Watch how politicians play to voting blocs. They convince those blocs they’re working for their best-interest, then let the blocs do the work going forward.

After locking down that support, moves you on to step two: making the changes.

Step three, the refreeze, means making your “new” the norm going forward.

Sound familiar? If not, reread the headlines and see our constantly being divided against each other.

Ethnic or belief groups are marginalized the same way. They’re progressively marginalized: socially, then economically, and finally, politically.

Political marginalization is “neutering” that group. A more final solution is the outright elimination of the group.

If you look at the world through the lens of a gun owner, this concept should at least be intriguing, if not concerning. I’m well past “concerned” and approaching “alarmed.”

Responsible gun ownership was fundamental in my upbringing.

Owning guns was no big deal. Guns weren’t totems, they were tools. They were plentiful and seldom used for nefarious purposes.

They were sold -legally- in all sorts of places.

My first rifle came from the Snappy Grill in Springfield, Kentucky. It was bought so I could get my Boy Scout merit badge in marksmanship.

My first handgun (also in .22 caliber) came from the Western Auto where I worked after school. I bought it out of my (minimal) wages. My mom was not pleased. She confiscated it until I could demonstrate “sufficient sense” to be trusted with it. I “owned it” another five years before that standard was met.

Society has been thawed/guided away from the idea that “sufficient sense” is enough to allow someone to own a gun. The gun, not the person using it, has been made responsible for the bad actions of both crazies and criminals.

But, you counter, guns can’t do anything by themselves, they are inanimate objects. Doesn’t matter.

In today’s slushy society, guns -and gun owners- have been stigmatized by “change” agents in society.

At my high school, we took our .22s and .410 shotguns to school (locked in the trunks of our cars) during hunting season. Because we planned to go squirrel/rabbit hunting directly from school.

Today, an elementary school student drawing a picture of a gun -or pointing a finger and making a “shooting move” toward other kids is begging for expulsion and/or a ride in a police car.

That’s how much times have changed. Zero tolerance really means intolerance of anything not fitting the new model we are being “thawed” to fit.

Step three of marginalization is political. Think “Ultra MAGA” or “right-wing extremist” or “crazy conspiracy theorist” and you get the idea.

Conservative once meant not supporting spending money you didn’t have. Today, it’s a marginalizing moniker hung on anyone who disagrees with the “liberal” viewpoint.

FYI, “liberal” didn’t used to mean what it means today, either.

We weren’t always in a pitched ideological battle pitting them against us. Liberal/conservative used to simply mean two different philosophical approaches to life.

Liberals and conservatives actually talked -civilly- about their differences.

In Washington, they weighed the merits of both sides; took the things both sides agreed on, and created laws reflecting that common ground. It wasn’t a perfect, but that kind of legislating kept us out of the ditches for a very long time.

Today, the very organizations we once trusted to keep all of us safe from threats “foreign and domestic” are being thawed and refrozen with the new idea that many of us now pose threats to the nation.

Personally, I’m not excited at the thoughts of the FBI, ATF and IRS being beefed up and weaponized for the intent of dealing with a threat that looks a lot like….me?

I no threat, I’m a citizen. Treating me -and the millions of other law-abiding citizens like me- as threats because of what we earn, what we do for recreation or where we live is threatening - to us.

It was explained to me years ago, “that mistaking civility with weakness can have a negative outcome.” Our already thin veneer of civility is starting to show thin spots. But I’ve yet to see any hope that cooler heads will -once again- prevail.

Taking an informational blackout day today. Mental health thing. Recommend it heartily.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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